What to Expect


Following the video presentation, our doctor will obtain a complete medical history from you.Any medical problems that you may have need to be mentioned at this time.If necessary, you may be asked to discuss the proposed surgical procedure with your general physician.


Our doctor will discuss with you the recommended treatment and anesthesia choices available. An examination may be required on your first visit to determine the correct treatment.A decision will be reached regarding the type of anesthesia you will have administered.Your options are:local anesthesia {numbing of the area}, nitrous oxide analgesia {numbing plus nitrous oxide gas}, or modified general anesthesia {numbing, nitrous oxide gas and I.V. medications}.Local anesthesia and nitrous oxide allows patients to be comfortable during the procedure with reduced stress although they recall everything afterwards.With modified general anesthesia, you will probably be unable to remember the surgery.However, you will be able to respond to questions and feel no discomfort.

It is important to provide the following information at the time of your first visit:

1. A note from your referring doctor explaining the reason for your referral

and the procedures they are requesting.

2. A list of your medications.

3. All appropriate insurance information to assist us in filing your claims along with a picture I.D.

4. If you have a recent adequate x-ray of the area to be treated, please bring it with you to the initial appointment or have your referring doctor send it to our office.If you do not have an x-ray of the area we can obtain the necessary films at our office.


All patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the initial visit and surgery appointment.